Rebecca Goff founded Cetacea Bleu Inc. a State of Hawaii 501(C)3 Nonprofit Corporation, providing thousands of Free CranioSacral & AquaCranial(R) treatments to children in Hawaii and around the World since 1997. 
Although Cetacea Bleu Inc closed after five years of service, free clinics, home visits and cetacean therapy are provided as part of the ongoing research program developed by Rebecca Goff. 
A certified Marine Mammal Naturalist, Ms Goff has swam in the wilds with Dolphins for over two decades. She is a licenced therapist in the State of Hawaii, creator of Aquacranial (R) and the author of 
 "Kissing Whales Healing Dolphins"
Cetacea Bleu Keiki's

*Seizures*Epilepsy*Dyslexia*ADD*ADHD*Downs Syndrome*Autism*Failure to Thrive Syndrome*Abnormal Fetus*Hyperkinetic Behavior*Cerebral Palsy*Torticollis*Colic
*Hearing Problems*Nursingdifficulties
While the research is mainly qualitative, some measurement and statistical analysis is done as well. Research tools include but are not limited to:
*Pre & post interview sessions.
*Physiological tests & observations.
*Pre & post treatment client photos.
*Filming treatments showing spinal alignment shifts & behavorial changes.
*Questionares and statistical analysis.
Treating children on land as well as in the water and allowing family members to swim near the treatment area gives the clinic a safe and comfortable feeling environment for the keiki.
Five year old Koa has had two land and three water treatments in six months. His parents attribute his fairly aggressive behavior changing to quite sweet and gentle to his treatments. Mom had just recieved a treatment when this photo was taken. Interesting light over her head (crown chakra).
Treated at 3 days after birth, this little girl was not nursing. An adjustment of her maxilla (upper teeth),  which were rotated inward at her birth, took a couple of minutes. Evaluation the next day showed normal placement of the bones. She also nursed a total of four and a half hours that day.

Although the baby's head felt similar to a water balloon during the initial treatment, subsequent evaluation at one month of age determined that the mouth was in balance. No further feeding problems were encountered.
Families come to the therapists trainings as part of  Rebecca's free clinic program.
 Classes are also available on a group basis for families and couples to learn some basic decompression techniques 

Maui Deep Water Keiki Clinics off Kayaks

Aquacranial(r) Therapy  free clinics for children are given in conjunction with trainings by Rebecca Goff. 

Thousands have been treated. 
No child has ever been charged. No criteria. Just be a child.
Stress in children takes a multitude of forms. 
Environmental stress. Postural stress. Muscular stress. Nervous stress. Stress from, TV, video games, noise pollution, sports, peers and school. We have seen an increased stress level across the board in children coming to our clinics since 911. Even television and video games create stress.

Family stress is addressed. Sometimes it becomes obvious you cannot treat an individual child without treating various members of the family. Financial stress, political unsurety, terrorism, families have a lot to handle these days. Sibling rivalry has long been a fact of life. Children who abuse thier brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors and sometimes themselves could use some help. Craniosacral and Aquacranial therapies ease the traumas of living. Families become gentler, less aggressive with each other and themselves. 

Families that have material wealth and security face other stress issues. Demands are sometimes greater to perform. Families that have very ill children suffer the stress of thinking that every day may be the last. It takes away the ability to ever relax.

Sometimes a different  perspective can be seen during family therapy and swimming near cetaceans.