"What stands out at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Maui?" "AquaCranial treatments realign the spine."

Conde' Nast Traveler Magazine
AquaCranial Therapy
An Ocean Born Experience Originated & Developed by 
Rebecca Goff & the Cetaceans


Everything has a specific frequency and vibration. Sound also has its own frequency. With the use of sound we can alter vibration thru resonance. Resonance is the most important principle of sound. It is the ability of a vibration to reach out through vibrational waves to set off a similar vibration in another body. Traditionally, healing with sound has been associated with music therapy. We are in the process of studying the potential of healing with dolphin and whale sounds. Our therapists implement dolphin sounds into sessions on clients in the water. We treat in waters where the vibrations of the whale songs directly impact the clients body, they hear the whales singing.

We are not alone. Manly other scientists, doctors and therapists are experimenting with sound. One is Dr. Betsy Smith who works with autistic children in Florida waters. She believes that the dolphins use thier biofields to heal the children by the biofield emitting joy and love as well as using sonar which actually scans the human body and realigns the energetic field. 

Our lead researcher at Cetacea Bleu, Rebecca Goff, has suggested for years that the dolphins sometimes sonar the limbic portion of the brain in depressed patients. The extreme bliss resulting from the sonar blast appears to stabilze the client in a less depressed state when returning to "normal" after the dolphin encounter. 

Our studies with the whales are focused on the biofield having learned "holographic listening" directly from them.

We incorporate sound into our AquaCranial sessions both thru live dolphin and whale interaction and by playing previously recorded dolphin and whale sounds in the treatment water. Specialized Crystal Tuning forks, (crystal most closely matches the matrix in the bone) are used to vibrate the body in the way that cetaceans do. Rebecca discovered which tone moves which bone in her research.

Psychoneuro-immunology, the field of medicine that deals with the influence of emotional states and nervous system activity on immune function, has made the concept of the mind body connection more acceptable to the medical community. As a result, many hospitals have begun to implement music therapy as part of thier treatment protocal.

Perhaps Cetacean sound therapy is not far behind.

Our 15 seconds of fame on the Oxygen Network took half an hour to shoot. May Ling, filming  "Trippin in Hawaii" , right after  jumping into the ocean for an  Aquacranial treatment.                                    "Very tranquil" .

"It changed my life".

 Ichiko Matsuzawa
Medical Asahi Magazine
    "It was almost like a life experience of
     memories that accumulated into the 
     most calming state I can say I ever
     experienced before in my life. I am very
     clinical....But this experience opened me 
      up to a whole new healing arena".

     James Waslaski, Sports Medicine Educator
"Rebecca cradled the back of my head in her hands as she guided my body through alternating patterns of stillness and movement. During the stillness, her touch under my head, on my forehead, and around my jaw was almost imperceptible.  Integrated with gentle pulls through the water and wavelike rocking from head to toe and side to side, Rebecca facilitated a freedom of movement and a level of relaxation and stress release I had never experienced. It was a feeling of movement and sensation without any physical effort, like dancing while lying still.
The therapy itself was so gentle and so non-intrusive I was quite shocked by the level of relaxation I felt afterwards."
Courtney Mather,  Healing Retreats and Spas Magazine
"After you've changed into a chic, titanium lined wetsuit, a therapist escorts you to the beach and into five feet of water........one rock star who shall remain nameless, ordered his body guard to swim around him, in case pesky turtles asked for an autograph, we suppose."  
                       Bridal Guide
"....clients float weightlessly in alpha bliss with an air pillow tucked under thier neck and gentle support from a therapist. Profoundly relaxing, Aquacranial decompresses both spine and cranium and releases tension and energy blockage in the entire body. After 25 minutes of oceanic pleasure, guests step out of the water and onto the beach, where, wrapped in towels, they're welcome to enjoy thier dreamily altered state." 
                                 Spa Magazine
".....in the womblike ocean with waves gently lapping at my sides, 
Goff spinning me and rocking me gently, I fall into  a deep state of relaxation like nothing I have ever experienced."                       
  Coast Magazine
"Rebecca is the Princess of the Sea."

Sapate, Head of Business and Tourism
Vavau, Kingdom of Tonga
"The Hawaiian Island of Maui has long been celebrated by tourists and locals alike for its world class white sand beaches. These days a new breed of beach goers is seeking out Maui's prisine sands: pregnant women........."I could really feel the difference in terms of having more room in my belly. I felt very comfortable in my body and I think (my baby) felt very comfortable in my body because he always had enough space."

"Aquacranial (r) technique encourages the spine and pelvic bones to return to a stable position, making the birthing process easier. According to Dr. Aaron Altura, an OB/Gynwith the Community Clinic of Maui, Aquacranial Therapy can promote overall relaxation and facilitate the body's natural physiological processes before birth". 

EPregnancy Magazine