AquaCranial(R) Therapy
An Ocean Born Experience Originated & Developed by 
Rebecca Goff & the Cetaceans

excerpt from Conde Nast Traveller UK 

"Therapeutic Wizards with a Magic Touch"

"Uprooting urbanites from their concrete jungles and reconnecting them with nature is always a huge priority on the wellness scene. The ultimate method may be Aquacranial therapy, pioneered by Rebecca Goff. Her mix of  Osteopathic based craniosacral manipulation, emotional release work, meridian balancing and yogic stretches – all done while
floating in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Maui – decompresses the spine and relieves tension; it’s especially successful for realigning pregnant women’s pelvises in preparation for birth. Come during the whale season and Goff will combine her techniques with the sonic vibrations of marine mammals, felt from miles away. It has to be one of the most effective and non-invasive ways of eliminating physical stress. Expect to cry afterwards. "

REBECCA  GOFF  does FREE treatments for pregnant mothers and children around the world. Occasionally FREE trainings are being offered (currently online only) so that others can also give FREE treatments to those in need. We do not accept donations.