AquaCranial(C) Therapy
An Ocean Born Experience Originated & Developed by 
Rebecca Goff & the Cetaceans

Bimini island view from the plane.
It was dolphin communication that first sent us to Bimini to swim with the spotted dolphins. Warmer waters in the summer. Shallow turquoise ocean. Pure white sand and the sweetest pink bellied spotted dolphins you would ever want to swim along side. 

"Perhaps one reason dolphins, whales, and humans have been attracted to and fascinated by each other for centuries is because it is the nature of intelligence to seek other intelligence."


Bimini is a very special place in the Bahamas.  Legends of the energies of Atlantis. We go there for training, research  and retreat. It was the dolphins who took us there originally and the dolphins who set the tone for the trips.

. The waters are quite warm and usually very clear.

A fifteen minute flight from Ft. Lauderdale and a five minute ferry ride brings you to North Island. Many participants have found treasures while beachcombing. Golf cart rentals are available to further explore the island although many never leave the resort.
Dolphins are attracted to the treatments. In Bimini, we are in water 15 to 35 feet deep when working off the boats
Tones to Move Bones class