An Exclusive Ocean Treatment 
Originated & Developed by 
Rebecca Goff & the Cetaceans.

Rebecca's Work in PreNatal Aquacranial Therapy has opened a whole new spectrum in birthing.​ 

Rebecca Goff has given thousands of free treatments to families, with an emphasis on pregnant woman, infants and toddlers.

 She is on the cutting edge of   Cetacean Therapy Research and one of of the most experienced people today in the field of Aquatic Biomagnetic Healing. 

During pregnancy not only does recieving treatment allow the spine and pelvic bones to return to a stable position, the releasing of myofacial tissue actually allows the baby more room. This makes it easier for the mamas to breathe. Birth is much easier when the pelvic bones are aligned. 
Floating in the water allows the body relief from the stress created by gravity and stress added weight puts on the joints. It is sometimes the only way for mama to be on her back at the end of pregnancy. Stress and tension are relieved. 
In some cases, emotional issues surrounding the issue of birth and motherhood are reduced or eliminated, for both mother and child.

Cetacea Bleu Inc was a State of Hawaii non profit corporation founded in 2001 by Rebecca Goff as a vehicle to provide Research, Training and Continuing Free Treatments for Pregnant Women, Infants and Children. After five years of successful service, Cetacea Bleu Inc closed 3/1/ 2006.

            Rebecca is still supported in this work by her husband Ty Goff, 
           numerous volunteers, and gifts.

          Mahalo for your Kokua.


        "Enhanced Health Enabling a Better Quality of Life"



Participating in any sports, auto injuries, falls of any kind any time in your life, stress, birth trauma, genetics, repetitive movements on the job,
 all of these things contribute to misalignment and restrictions. 

Aquacranial is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that supports your body's own natural healing. Aquacranial therapists assist your body 
aligning with perfection.
"Aquacranial is our gift 
to the youngest and future generations".